I'm thinking it's going to make the 2019 plan. 



Because once I do Morocco - and count 6 continents - why stop there!  I might as well knock them all off the list, and the Marine Biologist in me may want to see a penguin or two. 



Travel was instilled in me at a really young age, when I remember roaming the US countryside in the back of a small red Honda Civic hatchback with a road atlas and the directory for all the Holiday Inn - Holidomes as my guide!  From that moment on, there has been a place that I haven't wanted to explore, a road trip that I haven't been willing to go on, or a picnic that I haven't been willing to take.  Five Continents later, I remain as ever, Travel Inspired!  

If you haven't been here - GO NOW!   

New Orleans - It's a classic southern charmer, with a flare for the dramatic party or two.  It's got the grime with the soul, and a city not to miss in the US.  But don't just stay in the Quarter - please! Be sure to check out the Garden District, and the fun shopping down Magazine street.   



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